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Rancho Reopeining Postponed - We regret to say that we must change our previously scheduled date for reopening the site for public afternoon tours post the holiday season.We had hoped to reopen on Wednesday afternoon, January 10th, 2018. However, we now forecast that we will not reopen for afternoon tours until at least Wednesday, January 31st, and may in fact need to extend that date. The morning school tours and Native American workshops currently on the January calendar will stay as scheduled, as will any luncheons. However, we will not be taking any new additional bookings at the moment. The construction schedule had to be extended because of the previously-unknown conditions we discovered when we excavated further under the house. The structural engineer has determined additional work must be done to remedy the conditions and stabilize the structure. We could not know of these conditions until we had dug out more of the earth below the house and were able to expose unstable areas of the foundations. We will keep you informed as the work progresses and meantime we appreciate your understanding and patience – thank you all!
Rancho Los Alamitos is twice listed on the National Register of Historic Places - once as the sacred Tongva village of Povuu’ngna, the traditional birthplace of the native people of the Los Angeles Basin and, second, for the evolution of its significant historic landscape over time. The site includes traces of the ancestral village, an adobe-core ranch house ca.1800, four acres of lush historic gardens developed during the 1920s and 30s, and the restored working ranch barnyard of the early-mid 20th century. With the opening of the Rancho Center, the film, new exhibits and room environments feature the landscape, the people and the place over time and within the context of the development of the region and the state.

This exceptional site reveals the early Tongva presence, the Spanish and Mexican periods, the ranching and farming era, and the imprint of 20th century development. A quintessential place for people to experience the living story of southern California, Rancho Los Alamitos is a microcosm of the region, past to present.

Restoration of the Rancho
The Rancho has undergone extensive restoration over the years under the management of the Rancho Los Alamitos Foundation. The Grand Opening of the Rancho Center and Barns Area was a culmination of the comprehensive Master Plan for the restoration, preservation and interpretation of the site, and begins a new chapter of experiences at Rancho Los Alamitos. To learn more about the Rancho's restoration projects, please click the images below.
The Rancho Center
  The Ranch House
  The Gardens
Images by David Wakely Photography


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